Beat Dental Anxiety with Sedation.

Certain individuals experience some trepidation when preparing for a visit to the dentist. Although our dentists are highly respected for their skill and precision, our patients sometimes feel a bit nervous about their upcoming procedure(s). That can prevent them from achieving the beautiful smile they desire, or having much-needed dental work performed (including that to save a tooth or the gums). Fortunately, we offer an option to help our patients relax and feel completely comfortable during their visit, sedation, or sleep dentistry.

East Melbourne Dental Group is IV sedation certified and offers sedation dentistry for patients who are undergoing advanced restorative dental procedures. IV sedation will allow the patient to sleep peacefully during their treatment. IV Sedation can be controlled and will be closely monitored during treatment.



Who Is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation (sleep) dentistry is available to patients from Melbourne and the surrounding communities. It is recommended for those who:

  • Have extreme dental anxiety or fear
  • Have an extremely sensitive gag reflex or teeth
  • Have had a negative experience at a dentist’s clinic
  • Require complex dental work
  • Delay visiting the dentist because they likely require extensive dental work

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