Are you scared of the dentist?

Call your East Melbourne dentist on 03 9417 5874 to discuss your dental phobias, our friendly caring staff are here to support you. We have different options to help you put a smile back on your face.

Dental Anxiety is managed at East Melbourne Dental.

We understand that this can have major effects on you and your dental health and we take your concerns seriously.

We have successfully treated many people with dental anxieties or dental phobias.

When we are anxious or fearful we need to:

  • Be treated like an individual with individual needs and not to feel judged.
  • Have a sense of being in control of our treatment.
  • Build up a relationship of trust in our dentist or hygienist.

Our team is trained to assist you from the first time you make contact with us. We will ask you whether there is anything in particular you need to make your visit more manageable and pleasant. You will be offered options such as spreading treatment over several appointments, numbing paste prior to anaesthetic, noninvasive treatments, sedation dentistry, relaxation music, and if needed, pre treatment sedation.


Oral sedation, also called conscious sedation this involves you taking a prescribed dose of sedative before your procedure. This type of sedation leaves you awake for the procedure, but significantly relaxes you. Patients who have higher levels of anxiety often benefit from this type of dentistry.

Though you’re awake during your procedure, most patients remember either very little or nothing at all of the appointment after it’s happened. The sedative will leave you feeling sleepy, but by the next day all the effects will have worn off. You’ll need a ride home from the dentist though, so plan with a friend or family member in advance.


Sleep dentistry involves sedative medication being administered intravenously.

It allows us to perform dental procedures whilst you are in a deep state of relaxation, yet still conscious. Sleep dentistry is also called intravenous (IV) sedation, conscious sedation or twilight sedation. IV sedation is administered and monitored by a qualified anaesthetist practitioner who is specifically brought in for your appointment. This service is provided in our dental surgery so you don’t have to travel elsewhere for treatment.

Both children and adults can have procedures performed under sleep dentistry sedation. Common procedures include fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, surgical wisdom tooth extractions, oral surgery procedures, and dental implant placement.

IV sedation is available to all patients who are medically fit for the procedure.


East Melbourne Dental Group works closely with anesthetists at Masada Private hospital in East St Kilda.
Dental treatment under General Anaesthetic is a good option for the following cases:

  • Dental phobia
  • Major dental anxiety
  • Traumatic past experience with dental treatments
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Complex dental procedures

With General Anaesthetic the patient is in a state of complete unconsciousness.

Dental treatment under General Anaesthetic allows the dentist to work and provide dentistry to multiple sites at the same time. Working on multiple teeth is generally difficult or not possible using local anaesthesia. Patients will usually go home the same day after treatment but they need an adult escort to accompany them after the treatment.