Dental Bridge Specialists Melbourne

A dental bridge is one way of replacing a missing tooth as an alternative to a dental implant. A dental bridge will only be recommended to you if a dental implant is not suitable.

A dental bridge is used to maintain the integrity of the teeth by providing the support necessary so that surrounding teeth are not affected by the absence / loss of a tooth. The dental bridge effectively uses the structure of the surrounding teeth to support a false tooth. The bridge is made up of three or more joined false teeth that overlay on top of the existing teeth to fill the gap.

Watch this short video on Dental Bridges to see the procedure.

If the surrounding teeth are healthy, the dental bridge is not suitable since it requires that part of the healthy teeth be ground or worn away to fit the bridge. In this case a dental implant may be the viable alternative.

However if one or more of the supporting teeth require reconstructive work, the bridge may prove more beneficial in maintaining the structural integrity of both the missing tooth and the supporting tooth.

Your dental bridge Melbourne dentist should make a recommendation based on what is the best solution for maintaining your natural teeth.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant

In the instance that you have healthy teeth either side of a missing tooth, the priority should be to keep your healthy teeth and in this instance, replace the missing tooth with an implant.

However if you have at least one tooth beside the missing tooth that requires restorative work then a bridge might serve its purpose here.

A missing tooth should not be looked at in isolation. The health and support provided by the surrounding teeth are critical in determining your best course of action.

What Is the Process for Getting a Dental Bridge?

Firstly an impression is taken so a temporary bridge can be made at the end of the appointment. Then the teeth at each end of the bridge are prepared painlessly and an impression or series of computer scans are taken. The colour is matched and the temporary bridge is made. 2 weeks later the bridge is permanently cemented in place.

Regular checkups with your East Melbourne Dentist are recommended to ensure the health of your teeth.