Prevention is your teeth’s best friend

We are passionate about prevention – good oral health is essential for your overall health and well-being. The best protection you can give your teeth is a daily hygiene programme including brushing and flossing, and a regular check-up – and it’s so easy to do. Check-ups will tell you whether you may have a potential problem and they enable you to make informed choices about treatment. Better still, you won’t have any nasty surprises.

We’ve all heard that prevention is much better than cure – and never more so than when it comes to maintaining a beautiful smile. Gum disease is a preventable bacterial infective process, yet research has shown that if left unchecked, it has been linked to the development a variety of diseases including heart disease. That’s why regular dental hygiene visits are integral to every patient’s care plan and should be part of yours too.

It makes a lot of sense to protect your teeth and gums, and the good news is that at East Melbourne Dental Group we can help you in a variety of ways.

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