Gentle dental care in Melbourne

Our combination of experience, expertise and technology, all delivered in a genuinely caring way, enables us to minimise or even eliminate any discomfort for you.

Our team is trained to assist you from the first time you make contact with us. We will ask you whether there is anything in particular you need to make your visit more manageable and pleasant.

We also appreciate that you don’t want to spend your time waiting and strive to be on time for your appointment.

A welcoming warm drink, neck cushions, warm blankets, heat packs and a freshen up room where you can find complimentary toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss etc if you have rushed to come to see us. Hygienic towelettes are also available so you leave looking spic and span.

And there’s even a massage chair in the waiting room to gently ease you into your visit with us.

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