The Friendliest Dental Hygienists in Melbourne

Our Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapists are trained to help you prevent all dental disease by identifying and treating gingivitis and periodontal disease.

And happily, preventing tooth loss and decay is not difficult, so arrange an appointment and let us help you smile by:

  • removing all plaque, tartar and calculus from above and below your gum line
  • deep cleaning your teeth and gums
  • removing any active infection
  • developing your personalised dental Care Plan
  • supporting you to care for your oral health at home
  • educating younger patients in oral health.

Regular dental hygiene visits – a simple and very effective solution for sweet breath and a beautiful smile for life.

Gum disease, a slow insidious and preventable bacterial disease, can pass unnoticed until it is in the advanced stages, when treatment may be difficult. It may also be a factor in causing other health complications such as heart disease. So, why take the risk?

Our Dental Hygienists are dedicated to preventing dental disease and have specialised training in cleaning and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

They can identify and treat gingivitis and periodontal disease and, if you haven’t visited for a while, the good news is that gum disease can be reversed. Working in partnership with each patient, our Dental Hygienists develop a personalised Care Plan to enable you keep your teeth for life.

A typical plan will include dental hygiene visits and dental check-ups at recommended intervals, along with hints and tips for good oral hygiene at home. Each plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. A dental hygiene visit could include:

  • evaluation of the health of gums and supporting bone
  • scaling and polishing of the teeth
  • instructions on correct tooth and gum care
  • application of decay preventing agents
  • taking dental x-rays
  • treatment of decay in children.

If you have any further questions regarding dental hygiene and therapy, simply contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Close up of young woman having dental check up. Dentist examining a patient's teeth, holding dental tools - mirror and probe. Dentistry.

We also receive many referrals from complementary health practitioners. We are happy to liaise with your Integrative doctor or complimentary health practitioner, or we can provide a general treatment protocol for procedures such as amalgam removal.