The Wand

At East Melbourne Dental Group, we use modern methods and delivery systems for local anaesthesia to ensure you have the most comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

With the assistance of a computerised injection system called ‘The Wand’ partnered with a topical numbing gel, we are able to deliver the anaesthetic in a controlled manner so the ‘stinging’ feeling associated with numbing can be significantly reduced.

‘The Wand’ has the appearance of a fine tipped pen, and as a syringe-less computer-controlled system, it delivers relatively pain free dental injections without the negative and now out of date associations and appearance of what is traditionally associated as a dental injection. The team at East Melbourne Dental Group have been performing gentle dentistry with ‘The Wand’ successfully for over many years and our patients, particularly those with negative experiences from previous dentists or dental anxiety appreciate the increased level of comfort it provides.

The performance of The Wand ensures accuracy and gentle applications every time. Numbing gel can be applied by our highly-trained dentist to ensure any sensations are predominantly limited to no more than slight pressure before receiving your injection.

STA Wand