Dental X-rays and Intra Oral Photography

Panoramic Dental X-Rays

This impressive machine, usually only available in specialist X-ray practices, allows us to take a complete mouth and jaw X-ray on the spot.

It is simple and fast and with the image immediately available, our team has detailed information about your overall oral and jaw health.

We use instant digital X-rays which deliver less than 90% of the X-ray dose when compared to traditional film. What’s more, you can then view your pictures and X-rays on a screen in front of you whilst we discuss your care.

Dental X Ray
Intra Oral Video Camera

Intra-Oral Camera

Our Intraoral Camera is designed to be used in the mouth for the purpose of taking video or still photography.

The dentist is able to show you inside your mouth on a screen in front of you, so you see what the dentist is talking about, and together  you can make informed decisions about your treatment options.